On the far left is Lola as an adult.

Lola Greenwoods is a sim living in Sunset Valley. She has obtained fame, fortune, and fulfillment throughout her long life.She acted very strategic and thought things out very carefully. Lola was often found mixing potions, or experimenting with vaccines. 


Name: Lola Greenwoods

Gender: Female

Lifetime Wish: World Renowed Surgeon (fulfilled)

Martial Status: Married (Josh Greenwoods. )

Parents: Unknown.

Siblings: None.

Child(ren): Abigal GreenwoodsJason Greenwoods.

Hair color: Brown.

Eye color: Blue.

Age: Deceased.

Skin Tone: Light.

Sign: Aquarius.

Celebrity Level: 1

Job(s): World Renowned Surgeon (Retired.)

Traits: Genius, Eco-Friendly, Dramatic, Ambitious, Natural Cook.

Alma Mater: Community School For The Gifted.


  • .Started generation one of a legacy.
  • Lived through four generations because of a young again potion
  • Had kids that were very far apart from age.
  • Lola's middle name is hope, and is carried on to every heir.

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