Josh Greenwoods is a sim that lived in Sunset Valley. He has completed his lifetime wish- and mastered his handiness and athletic skill. He has two children, and is happily married.

Section headingEdit

Name: Josh Greenwoods

Gender: Male

Lifetime Wish: Become an Astronaut. (Fullfilled.)

Martial Staus: Married (Lola Greenwoods  )

Parents: Unknown.

Siblings: None.

Child(ren): Abigal GreenwoodsJason Greenwoods.

Hair color:Naturally Orange- althoough was dyed light blonde.

Eye color: ?

Age: Deceased.

Skin Tone: Light.

Sign: Libra.

Celebrity Level: 1

Job(s): Astronaut.

Traits: Proper, Handy, Athletic, Brave, Over Emotional.

Alma Mater: Community School For the Gifted.


  • Josh likes the smustle dance a lot.
  • Josh is very buff.
  • He always tries to work out!

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