Family tree 4

Jason as a teenager.


Abigal getting married.

Jason Greenwoods was a young, lush boy. Although he was very eccentric, he obtained love, fortune, and a full life. His eccentric behavior lead him to believe in many oddities. Although he was a spare, he had an okay life!


Name: Jason Greenwoods

Gender: Male

Lifetime Wish: Master Mixoligist.

Martial Status: In a Relationship (.)

Parents: Lola GreenwoodsJosh Greenwoods.

Siblings: None.

Child(ren): None.

Hair color: Blonde.

Eye color: Blue.

Age: Deceased.

Skin Tone: Light.

Sign: Aries.

Celebrity Level: 0

Job(s): None

Traits: Eccentric, Easily Impressed, Loves the Heat, Flirty, Brooding  .

Alma Mater: Community School For The Gifted.


His Girlfriend () is his imaginary friend! Jason turned her real with his mother's potion.

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